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On 19 December 2020, our Parish delivered 90 bags of Christmas joy to people in the community who are lonely or isolated. We enlisted the help of local volunteers to pack bags full of filled Christmas stockings, decorations, Christmas cards and festive treats like iced cookies and chocolates. Other items such as tea, coffee, tissues and hand sanitiser were also included in the bundles.


Those involved in the giveaway hope that the small gesture will bring a measure of hope to those who are struggling through what has been an exceptionally difficult year. 


“We need people to know now more than ever that God’s love surrounds us all," said Angela Clarke, a parish volunteer. “It’s important that Christmas doesn’t feel cancelled this year. We don’t want anybody feeling lonely or isolated which is why we have distributed 90 bags of Christmas goodies and gifts to those who need it most.

“We pray and hope that when they do open these bags of joy they’ll realise they are loved and that they are cared for. We hope the little treats and presents inside bring a smile to their faces this Christmas time.”

Fr Richard Green, Parish Vicar, added: “The parish would normally host Company at Christmas where those who are alone at Christmas are invited to the church hall for Christmas dinner, fun and games and most importantly good company.

“Because of Covid this wasn’t possible so we came up with another way of sharing the love and joy of Christmas with those who may otherwise be alone. Churches are well placed in the community to offer support and comfort to the most vulnerable and Covid has seen that need increase. We’ll always be here for our community – comfort and joy aren’t just for Christmas.”

Food and gifts were generously donated by Tesco and Asda and individuals from the parish. Church funds were also used to buy additional items.




We thank you for all the churches that are seeking to serve the vulnerable and lonely this Christmas. 


God, we ask that you would draw near to those who are struggling this Christmas. Comfort them by your spirit, we pray. 


In Jesus' name,

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