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We have strong links to the primary schools in our area, with regular assemblies and services as well as visits by the pupils to our churches. We also retain a strong link with our local Church in Wales secondary school, St John Baptist High School.

We are delighted to welcome families of children in our local schools to any of our services. Find out more about our activities for children, including Sunday Schools, Youth Services, Youth Club and Messy Church on this website.

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Our local Church In Wales secondary school, St John Baptist, has a clear admissions policy which you can find on the school website. In the event that the school has more applications than places available, priority is given to children who, and whose families, can demonstrate they are committed practising Anglicans. This means they have been attending church regularly (at least once every two weeks) in the six months prior to application.


We are delighted to have a thriving congregation of families with children of all ages, as well as many older people. If you would like to find out more about worship at our churches, possibly as a precursor for applying to St John's, do please come along to our services.


Confirmation is an occasion for people who have been baptised as infants to affirm that faith for themselves. Many of our young people choose to be confirmed in their final year at primary school, prior to starting secondary school. Through prayer and the laying on of hands by a bishop, the Church also asks God to give those being confirmed power, through the Holy Spirit, to live the life of discipleship. Alternatively, teenagers and adults who have never been baptised and who wish to make a commitment to the Christian faith are normally baptised and confirmed at the same time.

We hold one confirmation service each year (usually June or July), which is conducted by the Bishop of Llandaff. Confirmation is preceded by a number of weeks of preparation.

If you are interested in being confirmed, please call Father Richard Green on 01685 881435 or email

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